Navigation Technology

Training objectives

This major is mainly for the enterprises (business units) in the transportation and management industry that carry out the shipping business, trade transportation and shipping management. It cultivates the comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physique and beauty to meet the needs of socialist construction and development. It has the professional abilities of ship driving, ship communication, crew management, ship management and cargo management, and conforms to the international conventions and domestic laws and regulations The competency standard is a high-quality technical and skilled person who can be engaged in modern ship driving and management in the first line of production and service, and has the basis of career development.

Content of courses

During the three school years, the theoretical courses that students study include: military theory, ideological and moral cultivation and legal basis, Mao Zedong thought, Deng Xiaoping theory, three represents important ideological theory, situation and policy, sports, employment guidance, computer application foundation, navigation mathematics, college English, ship positioning and navigation, ship watch and collision avoidance, ship handling, navigation meteorology and oceanography navigation instrument, navigation English, maritime cargo transportation, ship management, ship structure and equipment, maritime business and maritime law, introduction to marine engineering, international operation management, seaman psychology.

Main practical knowledge: sailor craft training, basic safety training, proficient in boats and rafts, proficient in first-aid advanced fire fighting training, radar two certificate training, GMDSS training, College English listening and conversation, maritime English listening and conversation, professional knowledge practice, comprehensive graduation practice, military technology training.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Direction 1: building environment equipment

Training objectives: the trained students can reasonably design small and medium-sized central air conditioning and multi-line air conditioning according to different building conditions, and have the ability of engineering construction management, including being able to understand the building drawings, calculate the cooling load required by the air conditioning, select the type of air conditioning system equipment, draw the air conditioning construction plan, and carry out the engineering budget.

Employment direction: for central air conditioning and cold storage design and engineering companies, including engineering design, budget and construction management positions of central air conditioning and cold storage, as well as related positions of equipment sales and after-sales service, and related technical and management positions of design and transformation for large-scale energy-saving projects.

Direction 2: refrigeration product equipment

Training objectives: have the ability to design and develop refrigeration products such as air conditioner, refrigerator and heat pump, including the ability to draw product plane and three-dimensional drawings, calculate cooling load, select and match the four major components of refrigeration products; be familiar with the production process of refrigeration products, analyze and rectify simple process problems on site, and have certain workshop management knowledge and ability power.

Employment direction: for refrigeration product manufacturing enterprises, including refrigeration product design, refrigeration and air conditioning product quality inspection, refrigeration and air conditioning product maintenance, refrigeration product manufacturing process design and management, workshop management positions.

Electronic Information Technology

Modern society is an information society, and the foundation of information technology is electronic technology. The basic courses of this major include circuit analysis and measurement technology, analog circuit, digital circuit, C language programming, college English and professional English, which can lay a solid foundation through the study of basic courses; the professional courses include C51 programming, EDA technology application, digital TV system, electronic drawing, arm, etc principles and applications of embedded technology and other courses, through the study of professional courses, can grasp the knowledge and design methods of electronic design, and lay the foundation for future employment and further learning.

The professional experimental equipment is complete. It has electronic technology training workshop, established a complete set of electronic product production line according to the standard of regular enterprises, purchased many large equipment and instruments, which can realize the welding, maintenance, assembly, testing, debugging and development of basic electronic products with powerful functions; it has eda-dsp-arm training room, equipped with the latest and most powerful hardware equipment and the latest version of development software to provide strong support for the embedded development of students; to have a digital TV training room can help students fully understand the composition of digital TV system, be familiar with the principle of TV composition, and deepen the overall understanding of electronic products; the major also has other basic training rooms for electronic communication, fully meeting the needs of students' experimental training.

There are 7 full-time teachers with master's degree or above, including 5 associate professors and 2 senior engineers. The teachers have not only strong theoretical knowledge, but also rich practical experience. In addition, many senior technicians and managers are employed as part-time teachers to introduce the latest technology to students and help them plan for the future.

The major of electronic information technology has also established good cooperative relations with many enterprises. It has established many production, learning and research bases and off campus training bases, such as Nanjing Dane Technology Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Yinghuada Technology Co., Ltd. We have reached a joint training plan with Nanjing Dane Technology Co., Ltd., which has achieved a seamless connection of training, practice and employment, and greatly improved the level of student employment. Graduates of this major are suitable for the design and development of electronic products, electronic instruments and electronic equipment; for the production, maintenance and workshop technology management of household appliances; for the sales and after-sales service of electronic products; for the engineering construction of electronic equipment and communication engineering. Graduates are welcomed by employers and in short supply.

International Economic and Trade

This major is mainly aimed at all relevant units of international economy and trade, cultivating all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique and the United States, possessing practical and regulatory knowledge of International (export, import) trade practice, document making, foreign trade documentary, customs declaration and inspection, international freight forwarding, international economic cooperation, international business negotiation, e-commerce, international commercial law, etc., with strong practical work ability. It is an application-oriented high-quality technical and technical talents who can meet the needs of the society, engage in the operation and management of international economy and trade in the frontline of trade, production and service, and have the basis of career development.